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Ramadan Greetings

Author: Imām ‘Uthaymīn

Source: Al Liqaa'ush Shahree: 70

Translator: Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

It has been reported on some of the salaf that they would greet each other when the month of Ramadan entered and there is no problem with this. For example they would say,

شهر مبارك
A blessed month


بارك الله لك في شهرك
May Allah bless you in your month

Or that which is similar to this. The response of the one who receives this greeting is to reply with the like of that which they were greeted with. For example they would say,

و لك بمثل هذا
And for you the likes of this also


و هو مبارك عليك
And it is a blessing upon you as well

Or, you can respond with that which would (bring good) to the mind of the one who greeted you.