From The Deceit Of The Sa'aafiqah On Sheikh Ubayd Al-Jaabiri (May Allah Preserve Him)

Sheikh Abu Abdil A'alaa Khalid Al-Misri said:

Indeed I have mentioned the deceit, of those dubbed as Sa'aafiqah, on Sheikh Ubayd Al-Jaabiri -may Allah preserve him- as pertains to various localities, and I would like to summarize it here.

1. Their deceit on Sheikh Ubayd with regards to his verdict concerning fighting at Sirte within Libya.

2. Their deceit with respect to his verdict concerning the right of Field Marshall Khalifah Belqasim Haftar the Head of the Libyan National Army.

3. Their deceit on Sheikh Ubayd as pertains to Hani ibn Burayk Al Yemeni.

4. Their deceit concerning the polytheistic name of the restaurant in UAE i.e. Sind Shabaz."

5. Their deceit pertaining to his warnings against some Salafis (i.e. deception was employed in order to get these warnings against Salafis).

6. Their deceit (i.e. SPUBS specifically) concerning the circumstance of Masjid Hudhaifah ibn-ul-Yaman in East London.

Translated By Najeeb Al Anjelesi